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November 4th, 2003: Halloween Cake and those Damned Windshield Ads


Whooo! Halloween was a hoot! Steoho and Laura cam over and we watched the Italian job and gave out candy to little kids while equally harassing the teenagers that don't wear costumes. Ornery little blighters. Instead of going trick-or-treating myself, which would be both weird and a little sad, I bought an ice cream cake and they whole family munched on that (except for the dog. chocolate + dog = bad or so I've heard). Everything was going splendidly until today. I pulled away from the grocery store and there was one of those mother-effing windshield ads stuck under my wiper. I tried every method known to man: Turn the wipers on, turn the wipers on really fast, drive fast with the wipers on really fast and lastly spray it with wiper fluid which was the least effective because I now have a karate studio ads plastered to my windshield in my direct field of view. I'll have to get that off before I go anywhere.



October 26th, 2003 : The Dirty Old Woman is Me


So, out for dinner tonight with my family. Chinese food. Peering over the window-sill gawking at a boy who was absolutely stunningly gorgeous and stuffing my face with chow mein and fried prawns. The boy turns and walks into the restaurant, past our table. I continue to leer. He stops, turns and addresses my sister as I re-focus my attention on my plate. Suddenly, as he any my little sister chat, it dawns on me that I know this kid. He's 14. I'm 18. I was a teacher's assistant in his 5th grade class. I feel dirty.



October 19th, 2003 : The Urge to Molest and Layering Jackets


I've watched "Desperado" 2 times this weekend and am suddenly consumed by the urge to molest Antonio Banderas. sigh. So, so, so hot. Gwen pointed out to me that Antonio's translated name is Tony Flags. kee hee. Tony Flags. Boy oh boy, I am putting a lot of effort into Japanese. I actually made flashcards and bought a whiteboard to practice my hirigana on. Trippy. I have realized that I could quite possibly be the biggest cold-weather-wuss the world has ever known. By the time I get to class in the mornings, I'm usually wearing a sweater, sweatshirt and a ski jacket, all piled on till I look like a big beanie-wearing marshmellow of down filled goodness.



October 12th, 2003 : The Late Birthday Outing and Life Direction


Andrea took me to Mountain View today. Actually I took myself and Andrea to Mountain View. We ate sushi (Andrea gagged). I bought a nifty geisha calendar and some bubble tea ( I choked on a tapioca pearl). Lots of cool antique shops. Came home, ate taquitos for dinner and got Baskin Robins for dessert. Hoo boy. Busy social life ahoy. I need to do some homework tomorrow. Blech. I was so happy to have a little homework brake. Brake over, I guess. But I have to work hard, Because I know what I want to do when I graduate now. This : >>>



October 10th, 2003 : The College life and Lack of Sleep


So... It turns out college is hard. Free time and sleep are hard to come by (says the girl who is ditching sleep to write in her journal). Must work hard to get the A's and do the work. Bought a new kimono. No obi to match but at the time it didn't bother me. 16 dollars is just too good to turn down. And I'm weak. Very, very, weak. Feh.



September 28th, 2003 : The Lemonade test and HALLOWEEN!!


Japanese is the best class ever!!! Only... my teacher can speak five languages. It makes me feel a bit inferior. As well as the fact that she's the author of our textbook. She's really great, though. Went to the mall today. Got a sweater. Mom is trying to loosen my grip on the old faithful, mr. creme-sweater, but it won't happen. It's still #1 in my heart, even though it has turquoise acrylic paint on it's sleeve. I got raspberry lemonade, too. It was mm-mm-good. In my opinion, lemonade needs to be sour enough to call for something like "OO-BOY!" or "HOO-AH!". If you don't feel the need to exclaim after each sip, it's crap. doo doo doo... 33 days till Halloween!! ALRIGHT!! I wonder what I'll be? Maybe a pirate... Maybe a zucchini... Maybe a disenchanted youth or a starving student.



September 23rd, 2003 : The Pot Pie and Other Gagging Foods


I hate chicken pot pie. We used to have a box of mini Marie Calendars chicken-pot-pies in the freezer and I would eat about one a day. Now, the thought of a pot-pie makes me queasy and almost dry-heavey. Mom cooked a big pot-pie last night for dinner. I choked it down and managed an "mmmm... good". But then I gagged and the jig was up.


Some Other Food that Makes Me Gag:





Hamburger Helper



Granola Bars

California Rolls

Sea Cucumber




September 17th, 2003 : The Dwindling Hatred and Birthday Cards


I'm not as enraged as I was last time. However, I think it's because I haven't come in contact with a teenager since I wrote my last entry. A miraculous blessing. Also because it's my birthday. Wheee!! I no longer have to worry about the crazy lady, because I dropped that class, but I do have to worry about my admission troubles at Hayward. It's not really Hayward's problem. It's Las Positas. They suck. Oh well. I'll never understand how anything like that works, or doesn't, in my case. Steph sent me about 7 E-cards!! One of them has a bunch of tiny naked men who jump around and have balloons. I love balloons...


Nude Messenger!!



September 8th, 2003 : The Teenage Morons and Self-Hating Teen


I hate teenagers. I hate their stupid tighty pants with their baby fat hanging over their low-rise bellbottoms and their ridiculous low cut shirts which prominently display their tiny non-boobs and how all the boys wear those stupid mesh trucker hats sideways and their greasy hair down over their eyes. I hate how they never shut up and how they say "like" every four seconds and how though they're 14 years old, they still can't manage to be quiet when/where it's appropriate (movies, library, etc.). Most of all, I hate their cock-sure attitudes, their cruelty, cliques, and eagerness to pick  fights, even with someone who's older and much bigger than they are * = me *. Moronic little shits.



September 3rd, 2003 : The Bad Drivers and School Till 10


It is the single-most terrible driver day I have ever been privy to. It's quite fantastic, actually. I seems that all the bad drivers phoned each other and decided to clog to street en masse for a huge bad driver convention. One woman made a last minute decision to go left and stopped across two lanes of traffic. Another man stopped at  a green light, after cutting me off, and surveyed to scene till the light was yellow, which in his frame of mind was the most opportune time to make a left and leave me at a red. One more man tried to merge onto the freeway at 30mph, almost sideswiping 2 cars and veering onto the shoulder, kicking up a huge cloud of dirt and rocks. Wow. I have class until 10PM tonight. Hoo-wee. I hope it'll be interesting, because if it's not I'll start thinking about all the more interesting things I could be doing and places I could be sleeping. Maybe I'll just take a drawing pad and amuse myself that way... Maybe it won't be boring at all... Maybe... Also, there's this woman in my math study class who is bat-f***ing insane. I think she smoked waaaaaaaay too much pot in the 60's. Either that or she has major sociopathical problems.




September 2nd, 2003 : Dead Sofia Lazy Day


You are Kinomoto Sakura
You are kind and generous, often underestimating your own abilities. Though you may not often know it, you have a lot of talent. Relying on your friends is both your strong point and your weakness.



August 31st, 2003 : The parking monopoly and sleeping in a dorm 

This isn't what I really need to write about, but some things are just too personal for the internet... (boys and money) (trust me, it's bad)


 There is no free parking in Berkeley. Anywhere. I drove 6 blocks around Telegraph. Nothing. So I had to park in the same damned garage. Grr... It's a monopoly and I will put a stop to it. Well, not really. I like to think I will. Anyways. I slept in Steph's dorm which was fun. Her roomies are really nice and Sue let me listen to her Korean pop music. It's actually quite catchy. I think it was called "Boa". I watched "Chocolate", too. Johnny Depp is the master of all. And his name is Roux (pronounced ro), which I love. There's not much about him that I don't love, though. Sigh...



August 25th, 2003 : The Recent Insanity and Neglect of my Journal


Let's just do a rundown, shall we?


Berkeley - 


Day 1 : Going out for Steph's birthday party. Get lost. MapQuest Sucks. Get map in Oakland. Arrive an hour late. No big deal. Have party. Meet lots of fun people. Mosey back to the car at 12:45 AM. Garage door locked. Walk to other side. Also locked. Scream, curse, hold back tears (I was reeeeealy tired). Panic. Get obnoxious and begin laughing hysterically. Sigh with relief when Mama Korf says she'll come get us. Sit at the end of Telegraph and eat chips till 2:00 AM.


Day 2 : Drive Tahoe to school. Complete class. Dive back home. Nancy picks me up (Bless you, Nancy) and takes me to BART. Ride BART for an hour. I hate BART. Walk all the way from Shattuck to Telegraph. Meet Steph at parking garage. Argue overnight charge. Give up and pay extra 8 dollars. Move car to meter spot. Go to Blondies and get big-ass pizza and a small coke. Meet people from Steph's dorm for ice cream crawl. Eat lots of gelato. Mmmmmm... gelato... Drive home.


Day 3 : Drive out at 11:00. Look for parking for an hour. Park in the same damned parking garage, again. Dress up like pirates. Kidnap John and take him to San Francisco. Eat and excess of dim sum. Drive back to Berkeley. Meet Sylvia and Gwen for dinner. Curry is waaaaaay too spicy. Go get bubble tea. Drive back home. Sleep...


Gutter-Punking Matchstick candles



August 19th, 2003 : The First Day of College and Bathtubs


Wow... I'm a college student, now. I went to my first class yesterday. English 44: Literature of the American West. Lots of books involved (yay!!). My teacher is about 60 or so with red hair and twinkly eyes. I liked her instantly. She's friendly and interesting and very passionate about literature. I have astronomy tonight at 7:00, and I hope I'll like it as much. If not, my world will come to and end and the cosmos will fall down around me as I sob uncontrollably in the bathtub. sigh...


August 14th, 2003 : The East Coast Blackout and My Refrigerator


All of New York is meandering around the streets looking for electricity. Is it here? Is it there? Maybe we should go out looking for it... Maybe it's a terrorist act... Maybe it's a freak occurrence... No one knows. All I know is, HA HA. Leave California alone, you dark-ages-living-east-coasties. We're not so spastic after all... At least we have lights and microwaves and TV and all those other things that make us better. In fact, I think I'm going to go open and close my fridge a bit, just for good measure.



August 12th, 2003 : The Dying Squirrel and Sunburns


Someone decided that the family unit needed to go boating today. No, we do not have a boat. But we rented one. So, boating... Outside, requires sunglasses, sunscreen and common sense. I have 2 out of 3. Guess which one!! Go on, guess!! If you picked common sense, you obviously have it, and I don't want you reading this anyways, so go away. Ahem... I only put on sunscreen once. Not enough. I always think of sun screen application as a one time thing. I should be covered for a decade or so, at least. No so, I guess. So I am now uncomfortably hot, and my back gets crunchy and scrape-y whenever I move. Oh well. On our triumphant return to the car (my sunburn had not yet shown it's full glory), a small animal was crouched over in the shade of our vehicle. A squirrel!! Did you know that squirrels cough? I do now. It is the saddest thing I've ever heard. He sat there and coughed, completely oblivious to our advances and the fact that we were making clickety noises and trying to feed him bread. About now we realized he was sick. Or old. I'm still not sure. We had to leave him there, because what could we do? You can't go around willy-nilly picking up coughing squirrels right and left! It's not sanitary. What if he bit me and I caught squirrel-cough-disease? Everyone would feel really bad for me, I guess.



August 6th, 2003 : The Sty in my Eye and How it Hurts


I have a big sty on my left eye. It hurts to blink. Blinking is something I have realized, I have taken it for granted over the years. I apologize to you blinking enthusiasts... I was wrong and I know it now...



July 31st, 2003 : The mosquito bites and Credence Clearwater


Mental Note: There are easier ways to sneak into a concert. IE - scaling a nearly vertical hill is really hard and itchy.


After scaling said hill, we ended up at that water-tower that you see in those warning videos about what not to do on summer vacation. Deciding not to tempt fate, we (Alli, Michelle, Nathaniel, Steph and I) made our way past the tower and ended up on the highest green of a golf course that overlooks the whole city. Pretty, but mosquito-y. The concert had already started and we couldn't really see it, but the hearing was good. After playing a card game (that I suspect Michelle pulled out of her ass just to annoy me), we headed down the hill on a fire road till we were at the back of the show, behind the crap seats. A man with a light began to mosey our way and Alli sprinted up the hill, with myself right behind her (we're both in constant fear of "getting in trouble", consequently) until I could run no more, and was near calling the police on myself and asking them to bring an ambulance. I crashed out on the green and Alli chatted uncomfortably with a scary neo-hippy-biker-type-guy. I broke wheezing long enough to find this amusing and then continued my asthma attack. Everyone else strolled back up the hill about 5 minutes later and commented that it wasn't security ("probably just some guy videotaping it for his friends"). As for our grand exit, we just walked out wit the rest of the crowd after doing some butt-surfing down a hill into the parking lot. Anti-climactic, ne? 



July 24th, 2003 : The Disneyland and Such


I have been postponing my Disneyland entry for about a week now... here it goes:




Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


Pirates of the Caribbean fountain


CA Adventure @ night


CA Adventure @ night 

YAY! Castle!


Cheshire cat


Ride count:


Alice - 2

CA Screamin - 3

Ferris Wheel - 1

Haunted Mansion - 3

Indiana Jones - 5

Matterhorn - 1

Mr. Toad - 1

Peter Pan - 2

Pinnochio - 1

Pirates - 3

Snow White - 1

Thunder Mountain - 1

Train - 2



Characters Met:




(and that's the way it'll stay)



Things Purchased:


1 Large bag of lime green M&M's

1 Large bag of funky colored M&M's

2 Pirate rings

1 Pirate sword

6-odd postcards that I never sent

Lots of food I neglected to eat

2 tiny Simpsons figurines 





Kids - they should be banned from the park at all times.


Lines - akin to various levels of hell.


Heat - Dear God, why? Have you no mercy?


Skanks - I think they breed them right outside of the park.



July 12th, 2003 : The digital camera and nailpolish


2 Days till Disneyland. I've got my digital camera working! I can't wait to take pictures in that place... ummm... where was that? Oh yeah... DISNEYLAND!! I have discovered that one of my biggest pet peeves is nailpolish that takes too long to dry. 10 minutes is ok, but anything beyond that is really pushing it.



July 11th, 2003 : The art walk and Jesse James


Disneyland is 3 days away... Officially. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I'm glad Steph is as excited as I am, because I was feeling like a big dork. whew. I was there was 3 years ago, yet it feels like a lot less (because it's so great, I guess)... I'm painting a banner to hang on one of the lamp posts downtown, during the city art-walk thingy. I still don't know what I'm going to paint yet. I should probably get on that, because I only have about 2 weeks in which to do it. They're trying to replace Jesse James (on the Discovery Channel) with these two motorcycle guys, a father and son who argue a lot. Not cool. Not funny. Not as good as Jesse. So nyah-nyah.



July 6th, 2003 ; The Disneyland and ranting


At this point, pretty much all I can think about is Disneyland. I'm more ecstatic about this trip than I was about graduation. I think it's only out of my mind when I sleep, but not even completely then. It's just so happy there. Hence "Happiest Place on Earth", I guess. If you think about it, there really aren't many places that are like massive works of art, anymore (well, maybe Paris). Or like a miniature city with it's own shops and town square and addresses. It feels like home and fantasyland at the same time. *sigh* Kudos to you, Walt.



July 5th, 2003 ; The Fireworks and lost limbs


It's a sad state of affairs when all you have to play with on the 4th is some monster-snappers and party poppers. It's sadder still that I managed to hurt myself a few times with this limited firepower... then we swept up the mess in the dark and went to bed. poo.


I ask you, what happened to the good old days?? The years when you could blow off your own hand with an M-80, shoot bottle rockets at your friends, pretty much set fire to the neighborhood, and wreak minor havoc with sparklers, all while being comfortably within the legal limits of the law.. What's all this namby-pamby business with rules and fines, and all that crap?? Back in my day, (5 years ago) all of this was readily available. That's why I propose a return to morals. I say, give every kid in the neighborhood a few good poppers, some black cats and a few piccolo petes and let 'em have at it. If they hurt themselves, they won't do it again. It's a learning experience... really...



July 2nd, 2003 ; The green mullet and missing teeth


Captain planet has a particularly heinous mullet. I just noticed it. It's green, too. ewww... Going to the fair today. I hate carnies. The fair would be infinitely better, were there no carnies. The lack of teeth and deodorant makes me nervous.



June 29th, 2003 : The White Stripes and laziness


The White Stripes shall speak for me...

not feeling all that talkative...



June 27th, 2003 : The spawn of Satan and lack of sleep


It is 3:05 in the morning. I have just driven back to my house to fetch my brain donor of a cat from the backyard where he is hiding out. He managed to allude the house-sitter for about a half an hour before I got there. He seemed less excited to se me than I thought he would be, especially given that he's afraid of the backyard in the dark. Only god knows why he finds this game as amusing as he does, but I fail to see the humor. I think he realized my stance on the situation, when I grabbed him by the scruff and hauled him back into the house (sustaining minor injury to my right hand which now sports a tooth mark and some swirly skin scratches). I am less annoyed than I should be, because I was awake anyways. I prefer activity to laying in bed and pretending that I'm asleep, which I am becoming rather adept at. Throughout all of this, the spider war rages on. I'm sad to say that there has been a fatality (there's a cow mooing right now). One small back spider was accidentally smooshed in an attempt to remove him from the bed... (that cow is mooing like crazy... maybe aliens are abducting it.) Sorry, little guy. (I seriously think somebody is trying to kill that cow. I have never heard a cow moo like that) (AH! maybe it's in labor... I wonder if I should do something?? no.. best let it be. I don't know anything about cows anyways.)



June 25th, 2003 : The spiders and cursing


It's not my night for spiders. I have now battled with a tarantula one small white spider, and 2 quarter-sized, fuzzy spiders. One of the latter proceeded to do laps around the couch for 10 minutes. The other decided to be direct and run up the back o the couch, after which I promptly called him a fucker and threw a blanket at him. He's somewhere on the ground now... The tarantula seemed to be mildly annoyed at my scooting him with a window squeegee and jostled into a corner where he sat looking slightly amused as I ran by.. The white spider fell out of my laundry and ran away. I liked him the best.



June 22nd, 2003 ; The new computer and awe


I am typing this on my brand new computer... Wow. My family is the best.



June 18th, 2003 (11:57 AM) ; The broken woman and Alex DeLarge


Well... This morning stared off with a bang... or a hoot rather. When I opened one of my eyes at 5 AM, Chili decided I was fair game and started barking like a lunatic. I fed the dogs and went back to bed. And was roused at 9:42 AM by a phone call to remind me that I was late to pick up my dad and drive him to his car in Hayward. Grr. So an hour later I returned home, still pajama-ed, tired, and hungry as all get-out. I sit before you, journal, a broken woman...


That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultra-violence.



June 18th, 2003 (2:38 AM) : The owl and idle threats


There is a damn owl out the Pearson-family-living-room-window. If it hoots one more time, I swear there's going to be trouble...


June 16th, 2003 ; The new perfume and Leonardo DiCaprio


I watched "Catch Me if You Can" last night. It was good. Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor. As much as I would like it not to be true... He wasn't so great in Titanic. That was kind of phoned in. I bought 2 new perfumes today! Anna Sui and Sensations. I like Sensations the best. 



June 11th, 2003 : The reunion and insanity


Transcript of reunion:




Steph : SOFIA!!!




Me : I missed you!


Steph : [unintelligible]


Me : YAY!


Steph : YAY!


Steph : *points at mom*  blonde!!


* random chatter*


On the way to the baggage claim :


Steph : [unintelligible] [unintelligible] SHIT [unintelligible] SHIT [unintelligible] SHIT [unintelligible] pissed.


Me: ...


Steph : [unintelligible] *crying* *laughing* SHIT [unintelligible] pissed.


Mom whispers, Steph whispers back. More whispering.


At the baggage claim :


Steph : DAD! SPENCE! You need to go to the haircutters!! [unintelligible]


Peter : ...


Steph : I missed California so much! [unintelligible] I saw it on the map and I just started crying! *crys again* *laughs* I'm so tired...


Me : *Laughing*


In the car :


Steph : [unintelligible] *something in hindu accent*


Me : huh?


Steph : [unintelligible] Tenacious D! 


Me : Oh.. Tenacious D. Yeah. They're funny.


Steph : I KNOW!! I was [unintelligible] and *laughing*


Me : * forced laugh* heh heh...


It went downhill from there......



June 10th, 2003 : The excitement and silly dreams


Steph is coming back tomorrow! WHEEEE!!! I ordered some books today, "The Geisha of Pontocho" by PD Perkins, "Geisha"  by Kyoko Aihara, and "The Nightless City: Or the History of the Yoshiwara Yukwaku" by J. E. De Becker. I'm hopeful that they will be interesting, informative, and worth the money. Someday I hope to be an authority on the geisha. Or maybe I just want to be a geisha. I'm not really sure which.... well, yeah I am. But one is within reach and the other is an impossible dream.



June 6th, 2003 : The graduation and cold feet


I graduated yesterday. A felon-kid that was sitting behind me started to discuss his prison time with a fellow felon, and I prayed desperately that they wouldn't conjure a violent urge and knife me or anything. The felon-girl's were excitedly discussing how "fucked up" they were going to get later that evening. One of them rationalized "that's what graduation is for". I remained scared for my life and took to staring at my bottle of water, thinking that I could probably jam it into an attackers eye and make a clean getaway.


I have come to the conclusion that everybody has one thing that when they do it, they are at their most attractive. For me I would think it was drawing or reading. The reverse is also true, but given my lack of grace, most things come out rather unattractive, albeit "nerdy", "dorky", "clumsy", perhaps even "Completely, ass-backwards-ly, retarded". I realized this today when I was sitting on the counter with my feet in the sink because they were cold. It struck me that filling up the bathtub might have been a brilliant idea, given that I was balanced precariously on the counter, which is not meant to accommodate mine nor anybody else's butts. I contemplated moving, but it would have wasted water, and constituted a certain amount of initiative and moving. 



June 2nd, 2003 : The random and Donatello


It's still hot. I got my cap and gown today. It was temporarily exciting. Then I found out I have to graduate with the adult ed and felon-kid classes and I was a little peeved. Oh well. At least I got a movie in the mail... Trigun is funny stuff. Mom is going to take me to the mall to get a graduation outfit! WHEEE!!! I want pretty shoes! Mom is going to pay me to mow the lawn. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair dyed the color of cherry coke. It should be exciting...


Donatello and myself, when I was six.



May 28th, 2003 : The heat and Phalonie


It's H O T. Really, Really hot. 13 days till Phalonie comes back...



May 25th, 2003 : The mall and the himbo's


It has become rather clear to me that I hate the mall more than various strains of the plague. The one and only bonus was the hilarity of a male model who was hired to stand shirtless, in the front of Abercrombie & Fitch. He looked bored and cold (It was only 65 degrees today. Even colder in the mall). I laughed out loud and had to call everyone and tell them. I was embarrassed for him, but he has a better job than I do, so maybe he's more on top of it than I am. Then, out of nowhere there was another one in front of Hollister. Honestly. I was peeing myself! At least himbo #2 had a shirt on...



May 24th, 2003 : The matrix and the pointless


What is the Matrix?


1. What do you think of this reality that you are in right now?

It could be better.

2. If this reality was all a dream, what do you think the real world would be like?

Much, much, worse.

3. Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming? If so, describe it.

No, it's embarassing.

4. What would you do if you could control the environment around you?

Lot's of wall walking and flying...

5. Have you ever had an experience which hinted that this world may not be real? If so, describe it.

Sometimes, reality is so strange that I think it might not be real after all...



May 23rd, 2003 : The A's game and manners


I went to an A's game. Whenever I leave the house, lately, it becomes more and more apparent to me that people have no desire to teach their children manners, or common sense. A little girl and her mother and father sat right in front of us. She was completely obnoxious and proceeded to turn around every few seconds to stare at us an then stuck her jacket sleeve into mom's beer. Ok, that was a little funny. Anyways - Turns out, she's from one of those family's where it's not just "no", It's a whole freaking explanation. I don't know if it's just me, but I was always taught to do what you're told and don't ask why. And if I did ask why, the answer would be somewhere along the lines of "because I said so" or the ever-popular "just do it". I broke the needle on the sewing machine again. It's now out of commission. Jeans aren't easy to sew. I also saw a whole family trying to tie an inflatable pool onto the top of their car in Oakland.



May 20th, 2003 : The day off and blinding skin


Tomorrow is my day off. Mom and I are going to go out to lunch. Wheee! I tried to sew up a hole in a pair of pants, but I ended up breaking the needle on the sewing machine. I didn't know they broke that easily. I went swimming yesterday, for the first time in about six months. It was great! I got a little bit of a tan. I hope to get a little more tan, because as it is, I'm a little blinding to look at. 21 days till phalonie comes back!! Keep on rockin', folks.



May 16th, 2003 : The last days of work and school budgets


Eight days of work left. Sweet, sweet, victory. I'm now officially a high school graduate. I wonder if I'm supposed to feel relieved or proud or satisfied? I actually feel like it was a waste, because most of the things I have learned, I've learned outside of school ( Shhhhh! Don't tell! ). Only a few teachers have ever caught my attention, and only a few classes have ever penetrated my thick, grumpy, skull. Probably because the California budget spends a whopping 7 bucks on it's school systems each year and you can bet that about .0000000001%  is spent on it's art, music, and theatre programs.



May 12th, 2003 : The crazy boss and leaving eraly


"Do something," says the boss man. "Nothing to do," says I. A rampage ensues and who won... MEMEMEME! Muwaaahahaha! I bow down to no one... well... yeah I do. I talk a big game... 



May 10th, 2003 : The way to lose and argument and Trigun


If you get into an argument, yelling "holy crap" four times is probably not the best way to go. It seemed logical at the time... but now I think it lacked a certain finesse. But sometimes, I just can't say what I want to say. I don't think it's all that uncommon to freeze in confrontation, but the slightest thing, in a small insignificant discussion, will completely throw me, and I end up in unfamiliar territory. Unfamiliar, hostile, territory. Ah... But this, I know too well. Where were you on that one, Dr. Phil?


"Life is like an incessant series of problems, all difficult, with brutal choices, and a time limit. The worst thing you can do is to make no choice, waiting for the ideal conclusion to present itself." Trigun



May 6th, 2003 : The quitting of a job and the finding of a new one


The Problem with quitting a job, is that your probably going to have to get a new one. Yes, folks, I think this is my last month on this particular work force... I'm just sick and tried and sick of everything. I want to work somewhere where it's ok for me to chat with people and/or go to school without being guilted for it. SO! suck on that... I plan on doing odd jobs during the summer, and getting another job in August. Yeah... sounds good... I think I have to wrassle up some stuff that I don't need and maybe I'll sell it.



May 5th, 2003 : The art whore and Nightcrawler


One more week till I finish school... Oh sweet victory... Ms. Phalonie comes back in a month! I saw X-2. It was good, if I do say so. I really liked nightcrawler. He was so much like Edward Scissorhands, all sad and pitiful-like. Kawaii!! I decided I don't want to enter any paintings in the fair this year, or any other year for that matter. I was in it for money and recognition, but I found out I get none of that. It's just too much to take off work to go deal with that crap for nothing. I'm an art whore. So sue me.



May 3rd, 2003 : The power and Alan Cummings


A L� Alan Cummings :

"As the waiter refills his cup, Cumming inquires if there's anywhere in the hotel he can have a smoke. "It's a curse." he says, turning his head and delivering it as an aside. The simple question is met with a complicated answer. According to the waiter, if Cumming lights up, he can be fined, as can the hotel -- and anyone within secondhand-smoke distance can sue for huge damages. Cumming arches his back. "So you mean I could ruin this hotel with one cigarette?" he says. "I'm crazy with power."



April 30th, 2003 : The spandex man and The White Stripes


I saw a man riding a bike in a spandex outfit, with this huge pregnant-lady stomach. Why? Why would you wear that? It's offensive. I'm going to Disneyland!!! WHOOOOO!!! I wish I didn't have to wait so long. I'm entering 2 of my paintings in the fair this year. I'm scared that something will happen to them, but not so much about winning. I love the new White Stripes CD "Elephant". It's awesome. They were on Conan O'Brien for a week and they played a different song every night. They did some little skits and junk. All in all, it was pretty classic.



April 21, 2003 : The new obi and uncomfortable reunions



I'm sick. I'm not pleasant. My nose hurts, my throat hurts, and my head hurts. My obi smells super-bad. I'm trying to air it out in the garage, but I wonder how long it will take. It stinks like storage and mothballs. I got an email today. Photo-Japan just sent out my order. It's going to take 2 weeks. I ordered it a month ago. Not happy, folks. Not happy. Unsuccessful re-kindling attempts are rather depressing.



April 16th, 2003 : The lost art mojo and the best penpal in the world



My penpal, Kanae, sent me pictures of the cherry blossoms in Japan and a beautiful castle. She's the best! I keep forgetting that it's Easter, this week. I don't get any time off for spring break anyways. Bummer. I was having somewhat of a breakdown this last week. I thought I was loosing my art mojo, but it came back, thankfully, and I can rest easy now. Hermitage has it's perks. I don't mind it as much as many people think. I live on the edge, you know. You never know what I'll do next!! I'm a loose cannon!!



April 6th, 2003 : The obi and Jerimiah


I got a new obi. It's white with sparkly green clouds. Super-Fancy! I want a dark purple or royal blue kimono to go with it. Jeramiah was a bullfrog. He was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine. Yes... He always had some mighty fine wine.



April 3rd, 2003 : The Danny Zucho woman and war coverage


I think that the cable stations need to assign one channel to  war coverage and leave the rest alone. It's scaring the children. Nobody wants to do that, now do they? That's my job. It's weird to change the channel and see the same footage in a different tints moving in sync with all the other channels. One thing I forgot to mention about Great America: The incredibly scary lady in the jumpsuit with the Danny Zucho haircut. She was standing uncomfortably close. She scared me. Andrea too, I think. All the blossoms are falling off of the trees. It looks like snow. Classic. I can't decide if I really need a Geisha wig, or not. I certainly want one, but would I really enjoy it? I think I would, but how often. Most likely, not very.



March 29th, 2003 : The boy that looked like Jack and Lum


I went to Great America with Andrea. Loads 'O' Fun. There was a boy who looked just like Jack White. He was beautiful. I wanted to ask him to be my boyfriend and grow his hair long but that's kind of kooky, now isn't it? It was worth it to be close  to someone who bore such a striking resemblance. Andrea agrees. That was pretty creepy talk. I try to keep that to a minimum, but sometimes it just eeks out. Ms. Phalonie's going to Berkley! I knew she would get in. She tries so hard and gets straight A's, so they would be stupid not to accept her. Though, once again, my value system counts for jack crap around here.





March 23rd, 2003 : The crab feed and Cheerleaders


Let me jot down a basic outline of the crab feed school sport fundraiser I went to, yesterday. 


1. Getting dressed- I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear. (SHOCK!) I settled on a pink button up shirt, jeans and my chucks.


2. Arrival- I don't like the building. It's dark, old and spooky. Consequently, an Elks Club Lodge.


3. Waitresses- Cheerleaders. A pedophile's dream. Though our cheerleader was nice, I really don't appreciate the fact that they chose to wear their short summer outfits. I made me feel like there was ass in my food all the time. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I felt contaminated.


4. Seating- I was right next to the wall, but everyone felt the need to *squeeeeeeeze* by. Apparently, to squeeze properly means to lean forward with your butt against the wall and your boobs in my face. I wasn't aware.


5. Food- I am a food fan. The only person to out-food me is Stephanie (that's partly why she's in France right now). The food was good. Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread, and..... CRAB!!! Tres Bien!


6. Raffle/Auction- They picked the slowest speaker alive to rattle off numbers, which he had to correct several times before settling on a suitable set. I shouldn't complain, because four people from our party won stuff.


After all of the merriment, we all walked out to our cars, and my grama gave me a set of love beads to hang on my door. They were my mom's when she was a teenager, and she found them in the attic. And thus the evening concluded rather well. With full stomach and love beads. yay!



March 18th, 2003 : The job and Cartoon Network


Ok... So I'm not going to quit my job. But I was damn close. The world is in turmoil. I find no solace in any sort of emotional outbreak, so I just try not to watch the news or read the papers. I can't change anything by getting hysterical, so I won't. I find that cartoon network is the best channel for ignoring world problems. Just sing a happy song, do your work, and go to sleep.



March 12th, 2003 : The broken crayon and therapy


I had a terrible day yesterday. I think I'm going to quit my job. For real. In art class I saw this crayon that someone had broken and set back down, and there was a little trail of red crayon crumbs leading to it. I thought it looked something like an injured animal that had crawled away with a little trail of blood following after it. I didn't tell anyone, lest they seek a counselor for me. Feh. The weather's been kind, while I wrote this song. It's for people like you that keep it turned on.



March 2nd, 2003 : The Tale of Murasaki and dirt on the tennis courts


Today I saw two people riding horses down the side of the street. The cherry tress and other pretty flowering things are blooming all over. I think that we should celebrate this like the Japanese do, but as usual, no one shares in my thoughts. I'm reading the Tale of Murasaki. I really appreciate that in the Heian Era people wrote poetry to each other instead of letters. There's always more thought in a poem than in a letter, but you can also take each poem differently depending on how you choose to interpret it, which can't work out well these days. There's dirt all over the tennis courts at the tennis club (on account of construction). It makes me nervous. I keep wondering what they're going to do to get it off. Maybe they'll blow it off or spray it off with power-sprayer-thingies. But I guess it's not as dire a situation as I believe it is, because it remains week after week. I feel like a rat in a maze when I go to the club, because they mapped out this intricate trail to get to the locker rooms that entails walking over, around, and through all sorts of crazy places. I wonder if they know they make their guests feel like rodents?



February 20th, 2003 : The defunct brain and Martha Stewart


I think about crazy interesting things to write in here all day, but when it comes down to it I never remember anything. I cleaned out my closet. It's spotless. I cleaned my dresser too. If you roll up your shirts they don't wrinkle and there's more space in the drawers. I should write Martha Stuart. I need a life. A big interesting one.



February 16th, 2003 : The sushi painting and Steph


I'm really starting to miss Steph. I was doing ok for a while, but I really miss her now. At least there's only 4 months till she comes back, but now that does as much to make me feel better as... well... nothing. I finished a painting of sushi in art class. I really like it. It's rather impressionistic. I hope future paintings will come out as well.



February 8th, 2003 : The kanzashi and poor behavior


I got my car washed yesterday! It's so pretty. It looks almost liquid, it's so shiny. It smells nice too. I really wish that Hank would shut up. He has a real problem with controlling himself. He screams until someone pays attention to him, even though no one ever rewards him for his poor behavior. I really wish that it wasn't so cold at night either. It's been 27 degrees or colder every night this month. I finished all my classes last Wednesday except for math. I got an A in civics and a B in economics. Pretty good if I do say so myself. The kanzashi finally came, and I'm thinking about getting them insured, if they're worth very much that is. They're worth a lot to me, but other people never seem to agree with my value system. I've really had to control my buying spree, and I think I'm, doing pretty well.



January 21st, 2003 : The books and longer hours


Since Phalonie left, I have consoled myself by spending money and drawing. Just how many books does one need? It is my mission in life to find out, apparently. I feel the incessant need to order at least one a week (supplemented by cd's and anything else that strikes my fancy). I'm glad I work more hours now, because this would have been havoc on my bank account. I may have had to return 2 years ago, visiting my last five dollars, of which I wasn't allowed to have even one cent. The hairpins are coming...



January 17th, 2003 : The toothpaste paranoia and furrowed brows


Toothpaste makes me gag. I think it must be a mental thing because, they always say not to swallow toothpaste so I panic if it gets too close to the back of my mouth. Mom says it won't kill me but I think it just might. The man whose supposed to be sending me those antique hairpins is a big slacker. He hasn't even sent them out yet. *Furrowed Brow* 



January 16th, 2003 : The dirty movies and perfect lunch


My perfect lunch


Isn't that the most perfect lunch ever? I have noticed a new epidemic. Blockbuster puts dirty movies in with the regular ones. What the hell? Why would you do that?



January 7th, 2003 : The tears and Phalonie


Phalon is gone. Tears. Sniff. Oh well...

Unkondon - luck, steadfastness and patience



January 5th, 2002 : The support and promise of Disneyland


I can't believe Stephoni is leaving in 2 days... I'm sad... I mean.. supportive. Yes, supportive. I'm really gonna miss her. At least it's only 5 months. I can handle that... And then we get to go to Disneyland!! Yay!!!



December 29th, 2002 : The wrong size shorts and lovehandles


Christmas was good. But it's over... Blech. I saw 2 girls wearing shorts at the mall today. And another few wearing tank tops and flip flops. Keep in mind that it's only 50 degrees outside. I'm also noticing that there is an epidemic of girls wearing clothes that are way to small. The problem is that it would be acceptable (or at least tolerable) if they wore them the right size. It looks terrible when they have love handles hanging over the sides of their pants. It's really unattractive. And nauseating. ewww. 



Decmeber 24th. 2002 : The snoogins and Christmas eve


It's Christmas eve!! Yeah!! I won those hairpins, but they may take a while to get here, seeing as they're from Kyoto, Japan. I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off this week. Bonus! I can sleep in till noon! And then go back to bed at 9:30.


Snooch to the Nooch.




December 18th, 2002 : The hail and ebay


It hailed today. Hail hurts. Christmas is 7 days away. Whee. I bid on some antique hairpins on Ebay. I really want them. If I don't get them, I think I'll cry or just be really intolerable.



December 8th, 2002 : The 70 dollars and evil laughter


Christmas is 17 days away!! Nifty Snifty!! I really want some of these "Hana Kanzashi" hair pins... but theyre 70 dollars. I want 70 dollars... then they'll be mine... MWAA HA HA!!




November 28th, 2002 : The turkey and yay's


Happy Thanksgiving! Yay for turkey!! Yay for pumpkin pie!! Yay for Everything!! But... Especially Yay for Christmas... Which is exactly 27 days away!!



November 23rd, 2002 : The Christmas cookies and shopping


I'm fully ready for It to be Christmas time. I need to put up twinkling lights and bake cookies shaped like Santa (and bite their heads off... hee hee hee). Christmas shopping looms much like math homework and I am forever behind in my work in both subjects (Math and Shopping). I really want to make Christmas cookies. The ones with the little Hershey's kisses stuck right in the middle...



November 18th, 2002 : The math and disgruntled grandpas


My new favorite song is "Apple Blossom" by the White Stripes. It nearly moves me to tears. I mean.... what? Did I say that? Anyways... School (or lack there of) bores me to no end and math continues to loom over me and shake it's fist like a disgruntled grandpa. I'm just not meant to do math. My brain doesn't think in numbers. I prefer pictures and colors. Or movies. Yes... movies are best.



October 19th, 2002 : The 6 year old and Inadequacy


Nothing can make a person feel more inadequate than a 6 year old piano prodigy.



October 6th, 2002 : The goldfish crackers and beheading


Well... I have noticed something that has forever frightened me out of eating crackers shaped like animals or things in general. There's this goldfish cracker commercial on tv where they sing the little goldfish song (you know "the snack that smiles back, goldfish"). There's this part in it where they sing "the wholesome snack that smiles back, until you bite their heads off." What the hell?? What twisted mind thought this one up? That's freakin messed up. Bite their heads off.... eww...  



September 10th, 2002 : The glory of Jack and hoorays


Oh lookee...

Every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me....

Who spotted him first folks... Yeah! ME! Me, me, ME! School is boring. Work is boring. Life is boring. My birthday is in 7 days. Give me things. HOORAY FOR VARIOUS THINGS!!



August 5th, 2002 : The butt target and pictures


I'm quite positive that I have a big butt-shaped target on my arm and shoulder, because that's where everyone keeps putting their butts on the airplanes. What the hell?! I saw Duncan again. I was fully wierded out. I wrote about him last February 9th. I have to take senior pictures this week. I dread picture taking. I hope that I can do my hair the way I want to, but such a feat is rarely attempted and even more rarely succeeded.  



July 21st, 2002 : The furnace of hell and melting


Arizona is a nice place. Very clean and very nice. The fact that it is, and I quote, "The Furnace of Hell" ads a small damper to any Arizona, in the summer, vacation. Thanks, Phalonie. I can't get out of the heat. First camping, then Arizona. I think the world wants me to melt. I'll do it, too.



July 15th, 2002 : The camping hatred and rv's


I really hate camping. I really, really do. I don't like being dirty. But I also don't like being hot. 115 degrees worth of hot. and dirt. and hot. I don't like bugs. Big ones. I don't like them. Camping is the worst vacation idea ever. It's not even over when you get home because you have to unload and clean up all your dirty stinky stuff. This is why I vote that my family purchase an RV or a trailer. No tents, no bugs, air conditioner, shower, toilet, beds...



June 29th, 2002 : The gummi bear scandal and soccer


School's been over for a while. Summer's ok. I just got back from a soccer game. Earthquakes won in the last few minutes. They scored two goals in a minute and thirty seconds!! The coolest thing about this summer in particular is that it means I only have 5 months of school left... ever. I'm graduating in January. I'm getting really irked by these candy companies that've been trying to pass off fake gummi bears. They taste horrible. Who do they think they're trying to fool? Not me. I'm on to you!! Sleep with one eye open... 



June 12th, 2002 : The Boredom and the last day of school


Tomorrow is the last day of school. Everyone is going to get all weepy and crap. Yuck. Unless you're a senior, in which case you have every right. But the rest of you need to shut it. As you can tell, I'm all funned out. I'm sooooo done with school and finals and all that junk that I'm a little on the testy side. So bored... must... find... enter... tainment... AACCKK!! 



June 8th, 2002 : The MTV Music Video Awards and The White Stripes





June 6th, 2002 : The Electrocution and senioritis


I've redone my page for summer! Goldfish are the greatest fish in the world. School is over in 5 days! Then I'll be a senior! whoo. All it means to me is that I'll have more crap to do. Mr. Ofthedol electrocuted himself the other day. We all laughed. He's so retarded. Entertaining, nonetheless.



May 27th, 2002 : The boy who got hit by a car and ice cream


What a weird feeling I've got. I want something, but I don't know what it is. That has to be the single most irritating feeling ever. Blech. Went to Berkley on Saturday. A man got hit by a car while I was eating ice cream. He made the strangest organic thud when he hit the ground. Boy did I feel guilty, but I don't suppose that ice cream would have made him feel any better. Rare as it is, sometimes even ice cream can't help. I saw Amelie. Very, very, funny and cute. It's all in french, but it's well worth the reading. I'm listening to Shaft and realizing that this has to be the most bad ass song in the world... but I still laugh hysterically every time I hear it. Bad Ass-iness is lost on me. I used to think that if I kept a journal that I would look back on it and remember everything that occured, but now I wonder if I'll even know what the hell I was talking about.


Buy me these contacts.   



May 13th, 2002 : The zoo and Maui


It's almost 8 o'clock. I feel guilty. I've been neglecting my journal to disgusting heights. Shame on me. *Tsk Tsk* I think that school should be stopped. It's draining all the life out of me like some kind of kryptonite. It just keeps coming. It's wearing me down. I think that I need to take a vacation. I'm starting a fund. It's called "Send Sofia To Maui". And if you act now I'll throw in this handsome travelers tote free of charge... A $30 value!! WOW!! And if you find me a hot guy I'll give you a big pat on the back... (provided he takes me to art museums and likes Berkley). Me and Phanonie are going to the zoo this weekend to sketch animals. Fun Fun!! ALSO! It's going to be Andredra's birthday on Saturday!!      



May 1st, 2002 : The marriage proposal and Green Day


I saw GREEN DAY!!! It was  sooooooo awesome!! The played "Maria", my favorite song!! Blink 182 was ok, but I don't particularly care for their music. Jimmy Eat world was really great, though. Billy Joe is so freakin funny! They lit their guitars on fire and smashed them at the end!! On a lesser note, I'm going to marry Jack White.  He... is... incredible.  I bet he would take me to the art museum.... 


p.s. Nathaniel taught me how to change the colors on my cd player, so now it can be red... I'm so excited! 



April 19th, 2002 : The prom and boredom


School is boring... Work is boring... Life is boring... Prom was fun, but that's over now. 2 months till the summer. And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on...



April 4th, 2002 : The link and not much else


go there... laugh...



April 3rd, 2002 : The warning signs and jaunting


Easter was fun... I got INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE!!!! Then I was jaunting around the house looking for entertainment and I found these:




you can't not think these are funny... I mean, look at that little guy trying to Superman his way out of there.    



March 29th, 2002 : The stupid girl and drunk bums


Excerpt from conversation overheard in english class :


girl - what did you do this weekend?

boy - i went to the warf.

girl - sounds fun... what happened there?

boy - we had a drunk bum take a picture of us.

girl - thats impossible...

boy - what? how so?

girl - where would a drunk bum get a camera?


The best part is that she thought that her question was an intelligent one and couldn't figure out why I was snickering.



March 10, 2002 : The unnecessary violence and gnawing


Ya ever just want to kick someone? Not for any reason, but just cause they're there? Because they're walking past you at that moment... Because they're breathing to loudly or something like that? I hate being in that mood. If I had vampire fangs I would probably choose now to use them. But I guess I'll just gnaw someone to death now... hee hee... That would take a lot of patience. More than I have ever, and will ever, possess, I'm sure. Ahh... If only...



March 8, 2002 : The fingernails and Brad Pitt


It's gratuitous Brad Pitt picture day...



Other than that... nothing much.. I got my nails done and it is increasingly difficult to do ... well ... anything. Thats ok, cause that's Brad Pitt up there. I think that the contacts in Interview with a vampire are really gorgeous. I think that he's just gorgeous in general.. with or without contacts.. He's a beautiful person and a spectacular actor. I also think I need contacts like those. And fangs too... 



March 7th, 2002 : The prom dress and increasing tensions


Ok... so my prom dress looks nothing like that one (see Jan. 10th)... This is it:



It's the oddest candy apple red / neon pink color... which bring up the shoe dilemma! What do I do? RED? PINK? WHITE? BLACK? SILVER? WHAT DO I DO??? I do know that I'm pretty sure that everyone is on some hormonal imbalance. I keep getting getting yelled at. I'm not quite sure why... There's a lot of anger that I keep catching... the brunt of everything.. all the time... for no reason... I'm gonna crush some skulls if it doesn't end real quick. HAHAHA! Actually I'll probably end up crying or yelling... I just wish everyone would simmer down...   



February 14, 2002 : The crazies and Valentines day


Nothing like Valentines Day to bring out all the crazy in people.



February 9, 2002 : The falling and Duncan


I fell down again. Owie. I find that I have overcome the embarrassment of public face-plants, on behalf of my caring less and less of what everyone thinks of me. Oh well. I got straight B's on my report card. Woo. I saw the hottest guy in the greater Arizona area. I went to talk to him and my tongue became too big for my mouth and I could only smile. He's a performer @ the Renaissance Fair in AZ and his named is Duncan. dum dee dum...   



January 26th, 2002 : The flamingo and Old women


Welcome to version 3.0, of SofieLoafy, Flamingo Flamenco. All done by me. Way to much time on my hands. I think up so many cool things to put on here when I should really be paying attention to other things. The really sad part is, that by the time I sit down to work on it... I've already forgotten. I have the memory of an 80 year old woman and the attention span of a fruit fly. At least my layout is cooler now. I love flamingos. Mine is named Raul. He's from Spain. He dances the Flamenco. cha cha cha...



January 11th, 2002 : The sickness and recovery plans


I'm sick. Have you ever noticed that when you're sick all that you can think about is what you're gonna do when you're better? I hate it. Stephalonie has a exchange student! She's really nice and not all shy or anything. I'm going to Hana Japan for dinner! YAY! 



January 10th, 2002 : The jaw problems and ruffles


My jaw hurts. It's swollen because the cartilage moved the wrong way. I'm stressed. Too much to do. Too little time. Phalon has a pet-Australian! She sounds really nice! I can't wait to meet her... I need a toucan.  I want the one at pet extreme so bad. I picked out my junior prom dress : 



It's so pretty! I like how old fashioned it looks with the ruffles in the back.



December 31st, 2001 : The Future and hovering


Lalalalalalala! It's almost the year 2002 and there still aren't any robot-maids or hover-boards or anything. I remember seeing this video from the fifties about the future and they fully expected flying cars and such. Now we're here in he year 2001 and I still have to vaccum all by myself. I expected the Jetsons or better. Where's my Rosie-the- Robot? I need a hover-chair! I want to work at Spacely's Sprockets! Well... maybe not the sprocket one. But the rest is true. What's going on! By now, even homeless people should have hover-shopping carts. (I'm really stuck on the hover-things. I need to hover. I want to HOVER!) Anyways...    



December 28th, 2001 : The conejo and toucans


My Christmas was great! I got to see my whole family and It was so much fun! I have too much new stuff to jerk around! I especially like my present from Conejo. It's so big and wonderful! NOT! Big Fat Liar... My new need is a toucan. There's one at the pet shop downtown and he's so cute. They can't bite very hard, which is always a plus in the animal department. They make funny noises and such, too. OH! I was filing this stuff at work and I came across this name that made me laugh pretty hard. Tom Snorkey.. SNORKEY! Isn't that hilarious? Ya just know that that kid had a hard time all through school.



December 25th, 2001





December15th, 2001


WHOO-WEE! I have spent so much money! And the really great part is, I don't care! It's Christmas!! YAYAYAYAY! Deck the halls with bows of holly! FALALALALALALALALA! I got a new cd player in my car and it has pretty colors! Whoo! It 's all purpley and glowy! I saw Behind Enemy Lines, and it was really good! It has to be the best war movie I've ever seen! What else, you ask? It's way too cold outside. I think that once it get to around 40 degrees that no one should have to leave the house. Just stay in and drink hot coco or tea or something. With a warm fire in the fireplace and little stockings hanging from the mantle and Christmas cookie smell wafting around the house. And not those crappy ones from the store, OH NO! Those really good homemade gingerbreads with the powdered sugar frosting and gum drop buttons and little licorice smiles. Aww... Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... Jack Frost nipping at your nose... Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, and folks dressed up like eskimos. Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe, helps to make the season bright. Tiny tots with their eyes all a-glow, will find it hard to sleep tonight. Sleep Tight!



December 6th, 2001 : The new job and Kookaburra


I got a job! I'm a secretary! YAYAYAYAY!! No weekend work! YAYAYAYAY!! Nothing real exciting here, other than that. I really like my little winking Santa over there. He's pretty darn cute. My new favorite place to be is Kookaburra. I love it so much. I was thinking about how everyone remembers their hangout when they were young and this is mine and Cassi's and Pat's and Phalonie's. (not bitch-ho cause she a bitch and a ho.) Oh man, that was mean. Well ya know what? I've decided I don't give a flying f**K, because it's my site and I can say whatever I want. My circle is complete... Kumbaya my lord.. hee hee. 



November 29th, 2001 : The schedule and Carol Burnette


Yeah... School Sucks. I'm watching Carol Burnette. She's hysterical. Her old shows are really funny. My Dear little Catalinas is sick. : ( She wasn't at school today. She missed a whole day of exciting....... nothing and stimulating...... zero. 'Cept for, I got transferred out of my math class into a different one but that means that I have school from 8 to 3:10 on one day and the other I have a grand total of three hours that are all spread out. Why why why... Ha Ha (tricked Phalonie with the fake tree). That's all for now.



November 24, 2001 : The fake tree and Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving. The holiday that comes with a negative self image bonus. (aka "ooooh that's good turkey." shortly followed by, "Hmm.. my pants don't fit") At least Christmas is coming now. We put up our tree yesterday. It's one of those pre-lit, opens itself, ones. Pretty nifty. Easy. Non-needlely. Non-Spidery. Just burn some pine candles and you'll never know the difference. really..



November 20th, 2001n : The great San Jose flood and Mashed cars


Yeah... No Winchester House. It rained and rained and rained till it was all floody and such. grrrrr. Oh well. Now I have 5 days of vacation left with Thanksgiving and all. Sleep, eat, get fat, cry, go to school in a bad mood. This is gonna happen. I know it. argh. I want to be done with school. Yeah. My car is unsalvageable since my accident yesterday. Bummer. It was so cute. I miss it. But maybe I'll get an automatic. argh, argh, argh. The bonus is that I have time to make the site nice and Christmassy for yall. YAY!! I do everything preemptively. Oh well... I made the lights all by myself!! Big Fat Pat On The Back For Me!! Whoooo Hoo!



November 11th, 2001 : The random thoughts and  day weekends


YAY! 3 day weekend! Tomorrow we're going to the Winchester Mystery House! It should be pretty fun.. My new favorite movie is Snatch. As you can see I've updated the profile page in accordance. (Random Thought) ---> Is is just me or is the WB's lineup a bunch of weird shows? They're all really odd to me. It's like the collective rejects from ABC, NBC, and CBS on the same station. (Another Random Thought) ---> I wish my cat was nicer to me. I think she's harboring some deep seeded anger issues  towards me or something... maybe it's that time I stepped on her when I was getting out of the shower. She was pretty pissy after that... 



September 27th, 2001


All these grades keep jumping out at me. Bummer. School sucks now. No me gustarlo. The only good thing that has happened is that Halloween is coming!! YAY!! Halloween is the best! I love it! I wish that I could wear costumes all the time and no one would say anything about it. I'm really getting bored with everything. Dull Dull Dull.



September 20th, 2001


Poo. School sucks. Poo Poo. I have to work on Saturday. Poo Poo Poo. I don't like this situation. 



September 18th, 2001


It was a really predictable, normal day. Late to school, got funny looks from passersby, ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant, forgot to take my phone off of silence, got a bad math grade, got harassed about not voting for homecoming queen. Same ol' same ol'. Dull Dull. I've been really stuck on the word "OPAA" (like the Italian grandpas say). OPAA OPAA OPAA!! eh.... 



September 16th, 2001


The recent events have made me rather bitter towards my fellow man. Not that I've been tripping people in the halls or anything. I just think that... well.. I'm not sure. I don't know. Nothing irritates me more than when I don't have an opinion. I've been feeling really guilty about my birthday tomorrow which I know is foolish and silly but at the same time how dare I celebrate with family when some people have lost theirs. But I guess in a way life goes on and you have to suck it up and move on. But (again) how dare I say that when I have no idea what's like for these poor people to be deprived of their relatives and friends without a goodbye. This whole thing fills me with so many emotions that I can't discern one from the next. GRRRR!! Happy Birthday to me... You can find the location of your nearest Red Cross center by calling 1-800-448-3543  



September 12th, 2001 


There are not enough foul words in my vocabulary to convey how I feel towards these terrorists. I have for once, totally depleted my supply of sputtering and such, on attempting to explain my feelings. 

    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for God is with me."

To all the mother and father-less children, and children-less mothers and fathers. 



September 7th, 2001


I just had to do one of the hardest things I've ever done today. We had to confront a friend on a really touchy subject. It was potentially threatening to her, though so I'm glad I did it with everyone else. Later on, she understood and she doesn't hate us but when we first told her she was a tad pissy. It took a lot of explaining and a lot of talking and crying before we all reached an understanding and thankfully everything is going to be ok, now. I just want to take this opportunity to use my miniscule influence to tell all of you, if someone you care about is in a situation that is threatening emotionally or physically do something about it. If you don't say something to someone, there's no telling how far it will go. Don't let these things slip through your fingers. You can't go back and change it no matter how much you want to. In conclusion, My birthday is only 10 days away. Thank you. 



September 3rd, 2001


I am soooooooooo excited! It's been sunny and warm and on top of that I GET A CAR!!! YAY FOR ME!! My toe still hurts but not enough to bring me down. The only bummer I've encountered recently is that my best buddy J-Bean (like J-Lo, but not), Moved to her mama's house, which sucks but it's better for her because her step-mom is a psycho demon from hell!! Anyways, My birthday is in 14 days!! I decided I would like to decorate so that's why my site has suddenly become so loud. So I'll be requesting presents from everyone that visits my site. It's payment for being able to view the wonderfullness that is my mind, hee hee hee. J/k. School is ok I guess. It's school so you can't expect that big of a reaction from me. I don't do terribly but I just don't like it. BAH HUMBUG. My teachers are actually pretty good. The other day Lyndsey tried to bargain with the guys at the bowling alley for some bowling shoes but was unsuccessful. I've never seen her flirt so hard in her life. Oh, Lyndsey... You gotta love her. As for that movie "The Others" don't waste your time or money or brain cells or anything. To quote Bart Simpson "I never knew something could both Suck and Blow at the same time." I'm working on the cutest Halloween costume!! I still have to add trim and everything but that pretty much it. I love it so much!! This is my first sewing project like this, and it's turned out pretty well. I'm so proud!! Oh well. That's all folks. Buh bye!



August 27th, 2001


I broke my foot! It hurts really bad! It's the little bone that attaches to my little toe, so they can't do anything but tape my toes together. = ( But the doctor told me to wear good supportive shoes so I still get to wear my vans! YAY!! I got the coolest skirt known to man! It's jean and in darker jean color there's an anime comic printed on it. It looks like Card Captor Sakura but I can't tell. It's so beautiful. I was going to go to China Town but with a broken foot those hills don't seem to friendly. Bummer. probably better that I don't, I spent all my money on new school stuff.



August 23rd, 2001


I'm so happy! School is starting! I did end up cutting my hair off! I love it! I got this game called Princess Maker 2, and I suck at it. You get a daughter to raise for 8 years and see what she grows up to be. She gets to choose jobs, classes, vacations and adventures. I hope that my performance in this games doesn't reflect on my future parenting abilities. You let you daughter work in a cabaret a couple of times and she turns into a hooker. Hmm. Who knew? So far I've raised a hooker, a writer, a dancer, the queen, and the lord of the underworld. oops. Well, you can't win 'em all. Anyways, it's a fun game so, go get it.



August 16th, 2001


Happy Birthday Stephoni!!! I already bought your present and you don't know what it is! hee hee hee... I bought a killer pink wig for 60 bucks, which isn't bad considering that it's really high quality. It takes a little coaxing to get it on though. I also think I'm going to cut my hair off. I don't know though... It's kind of risky. I'm thinking that I'm really impressed with myself that I've managed to keep my blog pretty well updated. Most of my diaries are about a quarter full and the entries are months apart. I just don't really commit to anything like that. Hmm... Oh well. School starts in 13 days. Yes, I am counting down. No, I'm not crazy. I'm just bored! At least Phoni's birthday is tomorrow! I get to go to her rowdy party! YAY! I told my mom it was at Darryl's house, not even thinking that maybe she might dislike the fact that he's a guy. But he's Darryl, so I don't think he counts as a guy. not that he's not, I just know that he's different. He's not retarded like those other guys. Neither is Lewis. He's funny. Alrighty then.. Better go.. Bye!    



August 12th, 2001


On the lighter side, If I don't get out of my house soon and talk with people my age I'm going to stick a fork in my eye. I'm going Fucking Crazy!!!!! Stephoni, Jill, Allison, Kathi, Lyndsey, Maggie! This is your fault! Why can't you have normal, uneventful summers like myself?? WHY WHY WHY??? Why was I burdened with such ambitious friends!!?? Why can't you be happy slackers, like me? Come to the coffee house and become a vegetable with me! I'm staring to talk to my animals because I think my mom and I are getting mutually sick of each other. AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!! I NEED OUT!!!



August 7th, 2001


I do strange things when I get bored. That wouldn't be so bad if I didn't get bored so often. A great big Howdy-do to Maggie! She's close and personal with Carrot Top... Well, not really but she did interview him at the fair and I'm still monstrously jealous. S'ok cause she got me his autograph and everything.. The spontaneously combusting thing still cracks me up, but there was this show on FOX Family of all places called "Scariest Places on Earth". On this particular episode someone got lost in the catacombs of Paris and they went on a hunt for him but they only found a video of him looking around then dropping the camera and running.. They never found him. What a horrible way to die, in the dark, all alone with thousands of corpses and rats. I know I want to die in the bank on top of my trillions of dollars that I plan on procuring after college with my fan-club in tow. And then there'll be a huge procession and the whole world will go into mourning for a year. *LOL* Yeah right... And while I'm at it I would have bought the whole internet and everyone would have to read my stupid blog every single day... OH MAN... I CRACK ME UP!       



August 6th, 2001


There was this show on last night called "Burning Bodies : Spontaneous Human Combustion". It just struck me as really funny. I don't know why. I could just imagine someone sitting down on the couch and going "Hey Doug, could ya pass me a bear?" and then POOF. "Oh man.. Thats the third on this week! Marge, get me the dustpan"  hee hee hee... But that's mean! Thats all. 



August 4th, 2001


I have decided a couple of things about camping... 1- I don't like it. 2- I don't like being dirty all the time. 3- I don't like swimming in lakes (yucky toes!) 4- I don't like bugs, particularly the beetle variety. 5- The showers... there's not even words to describe...that goes for the toilettes too. 6- The comfort of my own bed highly surpasses that of any air mattress, especially half deflated ones where your butt is on the ground when you move. The worst thing is that when you get home you can't just go into the house, you have to unload all of the camping supplies and that takes forever... It's the never-ending cleanup. Yep.... I just can't bring myself to liking it.. No camping for me.. I'm just noticing that I never really finish sentences. They just sort of trail off... hee hee, but I guess I really do that when I talk too. Oh Well... Old habits die hard....



July 27th, 2001


I went to the Sugar Ray concert at The Warfield last Saturday!! It was awesome! I highly recommend it. Hurry! Go! Get tickets!! Anyways, My knee is still black and blue from that previously mentioned fall I took.. I think it doesn't help that I forget and kneel on it all the time.. Moving on, summer has been so much fun. I don't think I have been up earlier than 11 for a month. And the TV has been on all the time so I don't miss any Carrot Top commercials that come on. People have actually been calling AT&T and complaining about how ridiculous they are. But my question is, how bored do you have to be to call the phone company and complain about a harmless, adorable, redhead like him?? Leave the boy alone!!  You people are just mad cause he's funny and you're not talented or rich... Oh! I will be going camping so no updates after Sunday...



July 23rd, 2001


Ok, here's the thing... I was going to McDonalds, and I was excited because I never get McDonalds and there was ice cream involved, so you can imagine.. Anyways, I love to wear these big clunky boys Vans and they're silk on the bottom. Well my shoe wasn't tied tight enough and my sock slipped across the silk and I fell. I ended up jamming my knee into the pavement and laughing so hard I couldn't get up. But after I stopped laughing I couldn't get up anyways because my knee was all puffy and yucky. But, but, but... These guys that were sitting inside saw me fall and they thought I was really hurt, and I was kneeling behind one of those 39-cent-hamburger-posters and they saw me shaking (remember, I was laughing, not crying). My mom goes to hand me my renegade shoe which had rolled safely aside during the madness and she was laughing too, but those guys were giving her dirty looks because they thought I was upset. Well, I grabbed my composure and proceeded into Mickey-D's and one of those guys gave me a free ice cream coupon! YAY! So I limped around with ice cream in hand for the rest of the night. All in all, It could have been worse. I mean, free ice cream! Bonus! I should fall down more often... 



July 21st, 2001


Summer is going so quickly! blechhh!! Sometimes I get bored and school sounds good but then I recall those none too pleasant mornings and I take it back. I'm fully over the Disneyland thing now. You know how sometimes you go somewhere and when you get back that's all you can talk about? I'm done with that now. Did you know that there's only one place in Disneyland where they serve alcohol? It's called Club 33 and it costs 40,000 dollars to be a part of it. Personally I've never wanted a beer that  bad... Moving on. Anyways, enjoy your summer and adore my page... please...



July 18th, 2001


Yay! I'm back! It's nice to go on vacation but being home is really nice! Sleeping in my bed is a major bonus. Those hotel beds are really uncomfortable and we made a 5 day stop in Arizona to visit relatives. I hate being hot.. That's all that needs to be said about that.. I'm sure you can imagine.. Anyways, Disneyland was packed and the lines were pretty long. I have come to several pretty crucial conclusions about summertime Disneyland trips:


-I could put on my own electrical parade with a car battery, Christmas lights and a kazoo


-Carmel apples are not worth the humility of trying to eat one


-Something about fully grown adults dressed up like life-size, mute, animals makes me uneasy


-Everyone is fully willing to waive their dignity once they enter the gates(mouse ears, big gloves, goofy hats, etc.) I, on the other hand having no dignity, am ready and waiting to put on any stupid accessory anywhere..



July 9th, 2001


Well, vacation seems like a good prospect to me. It's nice to get out of your house for a while especially if you're going to.... da da da da.. DISNEYLAND! "You just won the world series! What are you going to do next??" "I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!" We went to Waikiki a couple of months ago and for some reason I stocked up on those little Hawaiian Airlines tags and I thought it would be funny if I tagged my bag with them.. But seeing as I want my bags to end up in the same location as myself I figured it would be best left undone.... But it would have been funny. I have also noticed that those baggage people are far less than pleasant and probably wouldn't have appreciated a good joke like myself.

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